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SPACESHIP 60 BUILD:Trying to put some Ikea into custom boat building

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

It's a well-founded assertion that our CNC machine is our most invaluable asset.

It operates tirelessly, and having one in-house has effectively eliminated the bottleneck that once hindered us when we depended on external CNC contractors or the dark days of measuring and cutting everything out by hand. Interestingly, we've come full circle and now find ourselves taking on a substantial share of CNC work for fellow boatbuilders, acutely mindful of avoiding potential bottlenecks for them.

Right from the inception of a boat construction project, our CNC machine assumes a pivotal role, with a goal to try and flat pack cut as much as possible on every build. We commence by cutting all our mold frames and cladding. The interior structure undergoes meticulous design through CAD software. The foam core and molding "plants" are then precisely cut by the CNC machine, laid out on our carbon fibre vacumn table and infused, creating accurate and well-thought-out composite parts requiring less "second stage" work such as capping, penetrations and flanges once off the table before being installed.

Furthermore, all interior cabinetry and finishing aspects are designed and presented to our builders as CNC-manufactured flatpack components; this has taken us to new heights in the boatbuilding game.

The utilization of this technology greatly enhances accuracy, fit, and overall finish, resulting in a more efficient construction process. While we wholeheartedly embrace technology, it's important to underscore that sound boatbuilding principles remain at the core of our operations; embracing technology helps us deliver exceptional results.

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