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SPACESHIP 60 Build: Setting New Standards in Helm Design for the Modern Catamaran

Updated: Feb 24

From the beginning, the goal for the helm design for our DEMEY 60 dubbed the "SPACESHIP" was straightforward and clear: to craft a clean, efficient helm station that stands as the main deck's focal point in style and technology.

We naturally gravitated towards a centreline helm position in collaboration with our Australian client, who brought seven years of experience owning a Riviera 5400SY. This choice, although unconventional, laid the groundwork for a design ethos based on ergonomics and an unwavering commitment to detail. The outcome is a helm that elevates functionality and visual appeal and establishes a new standard in marine design.

The Evolution of Design

The design journey was neither brief nor simple. Many hours have been invested in refining every aspect of the helm, relentlessly optimizing the user experience. The goal was to achieve a design as intuitive as it was beautiful, ensuring that every detail was perfected, no matter how small.

Vision Meets Precision

One of the most striking features of the helm is its excellent sight lines. The design team has gone to great lengths to ensure that the new-to-market 4k Garmin 9000 series screens are aligned precisely with the dashboard, giving the illusion of a seamless 1580mm widescreen, minimizing obstructions and reflections. Slim mullions and a forward-facing windscreen enhance visibility, providing the helmsperson with an almost unimpeded 320-degree view of their surroundings. The choice of materials reflects a commitment to luxury and durability, akin to what one might find in a high-end German automobile.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

In a departure from more traditional setups, the DEMEY 60 swaps the conventional steering wheel in favour of a jog lever and joystick for steering and autopilot, respectively. Manufactured by Simrad, these controls offer an intuitive, slick, and accurate navigation experience. This decision underscores the helm's design philosophy: prioritize ergonomics and usability without compromising performance.

The layout of the controls adheres to a logical hierarchy, with primary functions like steering, autopilot, throttle, and windscreen wipers easily accessible from the helm seat. Secondary and tertiary controls are thoughtfully placed based on typical usage scenarios, avoiding trendy but impractical touch or haptic interfaces and favouring physical buttons that combine form with function.

A Space That Anticipates Your Needs

The DEMEY 60's helm is crafted not solely for steering the vessel but also to enhance comfort and ensure seamless connectivity. It features ventilation for fresh air, multiple charging ports, and well-thought-out storage spaces to keep the helmsperson cool, powered up, and connected, no matter the length of the voyage. The helm boasts backlit buttons and high-quality finishes for those with a penchant for style. Its centerline position allows unobstructed views and interaction for the helmsperson seated in an ARIA Italia Sebring premium helm chair with guests in both the port and starboard forward settee areas. This transforms the helm from a functional space into an enjoyment and social engagement hub.


Only the Best

Featuring an impressive lineup of top-tier equipment, consistent with the ethos of zero compromise. Brands like Garmin, Simrad, ZF, CZone, Flir, Dockmate, iPad, Starlink, Iridium, and Fusion are not merely chosen for their reputation but for their proven performance and integration capabilities. This curated selection of hardware and software ensures that the helm is equipped to meet today's mariners' demands and is also future-proofed for tomorrow's challenges.

Conclusion: A Helm Without Peer

The DEMEY 60 represents the culmination of visionary design, painstaking attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when ergonomics leads the way in design, making it not just a helm but a sanctuary for the modern sailor. With its blend of intuitive controls, brilliant visibility, and luxurious finishes, the DEMEY 60 doesn't just set a new standard in helm design—it redefines it entirely.

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