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The SPACESHIP 60 BUILD: "The Ultimate Fuel-Efficient Catamaran"

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In an era where global consciousness is increasingly focused on sustainability, innovative solutions are emerging across various industries to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact. Our solution is the Spaceship 60, an 18-meter (60-foot) semi-displacement catamaran meticulously crafted from advanced composites with naval architecture by Roger Hill Yacht Design.

These vessels epitomize eco-friendly transportation, emphasizing spacious interiors, comfort, and safety for extended journeys. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this exceptional catamaran, designed to cover extensive distances effortlessly and set new benchmarks in fuel efficiency and construction precision.

The Marvel of Carbon Fiber

At the core of a Spaceship60 lies carbon fibre, a material renowned for its extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio. Carbon fibre is incredibly lightweight and offers unparalleled durability when applied effectively. This unique material makes it ideal for constructing vessels seeking fuel efficiency and longevity.

Thanks to the integration of carbon fibre, this catamaran maintains a lightweight profile while ensuring structural integrity and meticulous attention to detail in every component. In the construction of catamarans, addressing the issue of "global" stiffness is imperative, which aims to prevent the boat from twisting, particularly given its significant width. Carbon fibre, combined with closed-cell foam cores and epoxy resin, effectively resolves this concern, resulting in a catamaran that glides through the water effortlessly, minimizing resistance and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Redefining Fuel Efficiency

The foremost objective of this catamaran is to be exceptionally fuel-efficient, setting new standards in environmentally conscious exploring. How does it accomplish this?

  1. Weight Optimization: Cutting-edge composites and the infusion process play a pivotal role in weight reduction during construction. A composite engineer meticulously fine-tunes all structural elements, ensuring the vessel doesn't bear any unnecessary "dead" weight throughout its lifespan. Moreover, joinery work employs durable, lightweight materials designed for long-lasting performance.

  2. Semi-Displacement Hull Design: The Spaceship 60 features a semi-displacement hull design optimized for minimal drag, ensuring smooth and efficient voyages. By effortlessly cutting through the water, this catamaran consumes less fuel across a wide speed range, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

  3. Harnessing Solar Power: The Spaceship 60 integrates strategically placed solar panels to harness the sun's power. These panels charge onboard batteries and provide electricity for various systems, reducing the reliance on the onboard generator.

Luxury Meets Space and Comfort

While fuel efficiency remains a cornerstone of this catamaran's design, it prioritizes passenger comfort and well-being. The interior of the vessel offers ample space for relaxation and recreation during extended journeys and at your final destination.

  1. Opulent Accommodations: The Spaceship 60 boasts well-appointed cabins with large windows, ensuring passengers enjoy breathtaking sea views. High-quality furnishings and an elegant design create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Unprecedented Toy Storage: Distinguishing itself from most boats, the Spaceship 60 features an independent tender garage purpose-built for a 3.7-meter tender with a custom launch and retrieval system. Additionally, it offers a spacious upper deck with a crane for storing a wide range of water toys.

  3. Entertainment and Amenities: The catamaran comes equipped with top-notch entertainment systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, and comfortable lounging areas. Passengers can unwind with a movie, catch up on work, or savour the tranquillity of the open sea.

  4. Enduring Design: Unlike many vessels that quickly fall out of style and functionality, the Spaceship 60 places a strong focus on creating a timeless look and feel. This commitment ensures that owners can enjoy their investment for years without concerns of obsolescence.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount for long-distance journeys, and the Spaceship 60 spares no expense in ensuring the well-being of its passengers.

  1. Outstanding Visibility: With generous windows offering nearly 360-degree views, the Spaceship 60 enhances visibility. The main helm is slightly off-centre, and the forward-sloping front screen reduces glare while increasing interior volume.

  2. Cutting-Edge Navigation Systems: The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems, able to monitor weather conditions and maintain constant contact with the mainland.

  3. Stringent Inspection and Quality Control: Built to the American Bureau of Shipping Standards, each Spaceship 60 undergoes independent inspection by a New Zealand Maritime survey inspector. Every component, small and large, follows rigorous quality control processes.

  4. Enhanced Battery Safety: The Spaceship 60 houses six 24v 6000 Kilowatt hour lithium-ion phosphate house batteries in a purpose-designed battery box equipped with a built-in fire suppression system and independent ventilation.


The Spaceship 60 transcends being a mere catamaran; it represents a sustainable, luxurious, and forward-thinking solution for those seeking unforgettable journeys while leaving a lighter environmental footprint. As we set sail toward a more eco-conscious future, the Spaceship 60 leads the way, establishing new standards for environmentally friendly, high-performance catamarans.

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