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SPACESHIP 60 BUILD: Building the Hull

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Because the Spaceship 60 employs a semi-displacement hull design, both are perfectly symmetrical. Consequently, we can create a single hull mold that serves both hulls. In this specific scenario, where we are constructing two boats simultaneously, we can extract four hulls from this single mold. The wing deck bridges the two hulls; similarly, we have produced a mold for it to accommodate the construction of multiple boats.

Regarding the molds we've crafted, we opted for female molds to minimize the need for extensive filling and fairing during the painting stage. When working with infusion, molds must be meticulously constructed. Even the slightest chance of a leak, even pin-sized holes, can lead to an infusion failure. Therefore, this stage holds significant importance, and we implement a rigorous quality control program during mold construction.

Once the molds are prepared, we cover them with a Teflon film on the mold surface to ensure that the parts we create in the molds can be removed easily. Believe me, it's a frustrating day when they don't come out as intended.

The process of fabricating the hulls and wing decks is fairly straightforward. A professional composite engineer has already completed all the laminate tables, which we strictly adhere to; specified layering, weights, fibre, and core material batches are all recorded. Typically, we lay down the outer skin, precisely fit the core, and then apply the inner skin, infusing all layers in a single operation. Once cured, the components undergo a post-curing process at 60 degrees Celsius for 12 hours before being released from the molds. Once we have all the required parts, which in this case are two hulls and a wing deck, we assemble them in their correct positions, and they are then joined with a specified laminate.

Wing Deck mold getting Teflon applied.

A finished Wingdeck being released from the mold

The outside skin getting laid in the mold

The intricacies of fitting core in tight places

Infusion time

SPACESHIP 60 hull getting released from the mold

Joining the Hull to the Wingdeck on a SPACESHIP 60, note the preformed rebate so the join is flush once finished

The inside Wingdeck to Hull join underway on a SPACESHIP 60


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